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Power sweeping is relatively new and the most up to date method of sweeping chimneys. As the name suggests we use a powered cordless drill to spin a cleaning head the length of your flue. As far as we know we are the only company in the local area to offer this service.

Main Benefits

  • Power sweeping is a much more effective way of removing soot than the traditional brush method. A traditional brush can miss parts of the chimney and will compact soot into ledges and cracks whereas a power sweep will effectively clear them.
  • It is effective at removing Tar unlike a traditional brush. A manual brush cannot effectively remove tar whereas power sweeping is designed to do just that. Check out the pictures to see some fascinating before and after shots.
  • It does less damage to your flue structure than a conventional brush. Traditional brushes only come in set sizes which is fine if your flue is the round in shape and doesn’t vary in size throughout its length. If your chimney is of an old construction a stiff brush can dislodge bricks/stone whereas a power cleaning head automatically adjusts to the correct size of your chimney. Not only that the intensity can be adjusted to suit the structure of your chimney and the type of deposit we aim to remove (tar/soot)
  • It can solve a whole array of access issues. A cleaning head will access flues a large brush cant. It can reduce the need to remove register plates etc. and the mess that can be associated with such work.
  • It is self-adjusting, so there are no problems with tapering flues reducing the effectiveness of a standard brush

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