Preparing for a Sweep

It is important that you allow at least 12hrs for your chimney to cool before we arrive. Sweeping a hot chimney is surprisingly dangerous. Some appliances need as much as 24hrs to cool. If you need to light the night before, please book an afternoon appointment and remove all hot ashes before going to bed.

As for covering your belongings and furniture, there should be no need. In most cases the fireplace is left cleaner than when we arrived. However, there can be exceptions and it is always best to be prepared.

If we have to dislodge or remove large amounts of soot we can only go so far to control dust and there is a chance small amounts can escape. We would advise any delicate objects and furniture in the immediate vicinity be moved or protected. This is only a precaution and very rarely necessary.

We require access to a live socket and space for our equipment. Around 1.5 metres/5ft square work area in front of the fire is a good estimation. Even if there is an external sweeping hatch we will still need access indoors to contain debris/soot and inspect the appliance internally.

Under normal circumstances we usually require around thirty minutes – one hour to fully complete the average sweep.

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